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The 2022 Work Guide

Ever since 2020 and the outbreak of COVID-19, the firms are going through such a powerful transformation period that it might just be the beginning of a completely new era when it comes to designing the workplace, choosing modes of working, and defining the ever-blurring lines between work and life.

Today, almost every employer, from the most progressive and innovative startup – aim for a pet-friendly office with flexible schedules and a friendly environment – contrary to the traditional firm that runs on a 9-to-5 cycle, with the antique cubicles and pin-drop silence atmosphere.

As the workforce and the management transitioned from working full-time at an office to managing their workload from their favourite coach, or at best, from their home office, firms likewise had to adjust their policies and offerings to facilitate a smooth transition.

The reality is, no matter how modern or traditional the office was, there are many things employees used to get at work that they are now missing at home.


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is quite tough, even in a modern office. When working from home, the lines that define where work ends and home life begins are particularly blurred. You might have to balance extra work hours, look after your home or child care along with adapting to a new way of working for those not used to remote work, can bring stress and quite a toll on an individual’s health.

Given below are certain ways through which employers can replace these impacts with digital, remote alternatives to help their staff keep balanced and well.

Provide a free subscription to Downdog for the entire workforce – This app provides unlimited access to yoga, barre, HIIT, and other fitness classes for $8/month. It is quite beneficial for employees since it enables them to set up the length and intensity of each workout which can then be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Discounted Gym Memberships – This is a wonderful opportunity for employees looking to reduce stress opt for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Meals – Placing a fruit basket in the common room is always a good idea. While the employees discuss their creative idea, they might chunk on something healthy too.

It’s finally that time when the firms have realized that their real assets are actually their people and they are doing everything in their hands to leverage this strength. We are yet to see how the future unfolds but one thing is assured – the future of the organization lies in the happiness of the employees.